In Boston: Captain Tilley calls with an invitation from the Chinese Cultural Attache who wants to publicly thank Chou for saving the cultural exhibit. She has a bad feeling about it, and calls Whateley for advice. Becca arrives and asks why she hasn't checked in with the Tao about it yet. She does. Something bad is being planned around the sword.[1]

In Los Angeles. The West Coast League (well, most of them) pays a quick visit to Phase and does some mental and physical healing. Sunscreen, Hollywood, Valley Girl, Beach Bunny, Doctor Arcturus and Chaney (three others didn't make it.) It turns out that three major nasty sorcerers, Converso, Svipdag and Quimbanda had summoned the demon , which escaped due to a flaw in the concrete floor where they were doing the summoning ritual. It also turned out that Nimbus was the major instigator of the mess.[2]


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