Chou and Molly arrive back on campus.[1]

Anna arrives back on campus.[2]

In New York: Father Carmody gives El Penitente the order lifting the Excommunication. [3]

Also in New York, Jade and Tennyo arrive to do a baby-sitting job for the Amazing Three. They settle in and look at the entertainment center. The demon picks up the spider-rat idea from Spider-Rats From Space (the original show). Jade gives Tennyo a spa treatment. The demon proceeds to subvert the protections in the Amazing Three's headquarters when Tennyo spots one of the rats out of the corner of her eye. Things go downhill from there until the demon baby, Tennyo, Jade and the J-team go into the Quarantine Dimension. The demon throws a horde of spider-rats and another horde of soldiers at them. After a bit of a battle, the demon begs Jade to protect it from Tennyo. Jade decides that she needs a baby for when The Amazing Three get back.[4]


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