Loophole and Murphy hack the mainframe to get the last set of "keys" for the Alphas' private spaces. Little do they know that Mrs. Carson and Ms. Hartford let them in and track them. Hamper and Damper attack them on the way back, at Solange's arrangement. Loophole drives them off, but Murphy collapses, having used way too much of her body's resources on her warping.[1]

Loophole and Murphy deliver the keys to Kodiak, and get one of the lesser used Alpha rooms in return for the Lit Chix.[1]

Team Kimba has a tea party.[2]

Chou does a possibly good deed by giving some Chi to Clover, and then gets the cold treatment from Molly.[2]

Nex is still working on how he's going to kill Chou.

Chou and Caitlin use the simulator for Chou's first pistol lessons.[2]

Harley doesn't have anything for Saladin about his blackmailer.[2]

Chou and Dorjee have a nice date at a Mexican restaurant they'd been to before.[2]

Kodiak makes a public announcement of the new regime at the Alphas, and formally kicks Tansy, Hamper and Damper out. He warns the twins of what will happen if they try another run at Loophole.[1]


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