Mrs. Carson hands Tansy a three-day in-school suspension in the security cells as a punishment for her part in attack with Stronghold and Razorback.[1]

Molly is working hard in Combat Movement.[2]

In Journeyman's class, they discuss more of Force Dynamics and the application of the Five Elements.[2]

The Tao guides Bladedancer to give Silver Serpent several messages, some for her father, the Iron Dragon.[2]

Chou goes to Molly's room and then they enlist Winnie's help in tracking down the spell Chou felt that seems to be heightening tensions around campus.[2]

Several of the campus troublemakers attack Saladin. Security and the Wild Pack break it up.[2]

The Lit Chicks discuss the ransom note and decide on a fairly leisurely plan of action, including a FOI request for old Security incident reports.[1]

The Three Little Pests listen in on them and decide to intercept the essence in their eventual scrying spell.[1]

Stronghold almost gets lost in the devisor tunnels, and gets directions from Sted. He finds his sister, Loophole, in the Vehicle Lab and gets some directions on how to approach Mega-Girl.[1]

That evening, when Chou tries to meditate, something slimy tries to interfere.[2]


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