Iron Star tries to make a scene at breakfast. Caitlin cuts him down to size.[1]

Molly injures herself seriously in Combat Movement.[1]

Journeyman pulls Bladedancer and Chaka from their Martial Arts class for some simulator practice. Afterwards, Becca does a bit of healing and teaches Chou a new breathing technique.[1]

Molly has a conversation with Anna and Winnie, cheering the latter girl up a bit and getting a lead on the Parkour group.[1]

Aquerna reminisces about a lot of cool stuff, like Tennyo and Bladedancer going full out with swords until Sensi Ito had to call it a tie. And how much she likes the tree job.[2]

Chaka and Sledge spar in Martial Arts. Sledge is still trying to get Toni into the Tigers. The match is a draw.[3]

Aquerna triggers the trap Belphegor had set up for Chaka. They turn the tables with an assist from Rez, Tabby and dozens of squirrels.[3][2]

Chaka discovers that Fey has attracted a servitor, Koehnes, who might be one of the sources behind either the Leprechaun or Brownie stories, but is actually of a tribe created as servitors.[3]

Dorjee asks Chou for help with a fight between the Dragons and the Tigers. She summons the Tao. Much fun was had by all. Not.[1]

Dorjee, Chou and Molly finally get together for a bit of a discussion of their relationship issues.[1]

Hippolyta has a discussion with Saladin.[1]

Nex is still working on his plan to kill Bladedancer.[1]


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