Team Tactics had situation awareness drills. Team Kimba survived Spellbinder easily. Eldritch destroyed Omega Squad. Chaka took out the Power Cats with some difficulty. (Note: This scene is a retrospective from a conversation on the 20th).[1]

Molly summons an Undine in Summoning class. Then she summons a Salamander, Igniarli, who calls her the Summoner and gives her a prophecy.[2]

Nex finally attacks Chou. They have a fight, which ends with Nex's invisibility being cancelled and him paralyzed. Security hauls him off after telling him he's in worse trouble than he thinks for attacking a Security Auxiliary .[2]

N'Dizi consults with the rest of the Tigers about what to do about Chaka. They decide to use Counterpoint.[3]

Stunner and Damballah try to talk Chaka into joining the Tigers. Toni isn't having any. Damballah gives what might be a prophecy, and what might be a piece of utter b.s.[3]

Sledge and Mokele' visit Counterpoint while he's doing Sewer Duty as detention. They contract with him to destroy Chaka. The payment is a pint of dragon venom from one of Mokele's shifter alternates.[3]

Chaka starts discussing with Thunderbird the possibility that Freya had been messing with the Cape Squad, when they both get calls about an emergency that they need to deal with in Hawthorne. It's a trap, of course. During the fight, Counterpoint collapses, having discovered one of the downsides of Chaka's power the hard way. They manage to revive him.[3]

At dinner, Counterpoint tries to pledge that he'll never attack Chaka again. Jaws drop. Chaka manages to learn to talk around all the hardware in her mouth. Then Koehnes takes a hand.[3]

Dorjee has a conversation with his Teacher, and clarifies expectations with Bladedancer and Molly. He also clarifies expectations on how to treat bullies.[2]

Chou makes arrangements with Ayla for a Chinese New Year's celebration.


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