At breakfast, Ayla gets assailed by lots of people who'd like to freeload to her party. She gives the Yellow Queen something to think about (assuming she can think) and turns down Hazard. Then the Wild Pack comes to warn her about the Necromancer. Horrorshow tries a prank. Haywire can't ride on the plane, and Cytherea tries her lust aura.[1]

Sarah takes Chou to church. Rev. Englund goes all out, and doesn't impress Chou -- at least the way he wants.[2]

Eldritch, Diamondback and Razorback all give Jericho a talking to about his plan to not accept the invitation.[1]

Hydroflux installs the new equipment in the girls' showers, assisted by Generator.[1]

Phase has a quick chat with Aries, and determines that the trail for whoever set up the Overclock and Make mess had gone cold: nobody had a clue.[1]

At lunch, Chou still hasn't healed up completely from the previous day's mess with Hekate's secret place. Team Kimba gets some more attempts to crash the party.[1]

After lunch, Hydroflux does a demo for the girls on Poe Cottage's first floor. Phase uses the time to make some phone calls to check in that various things, like the Marvel IPO, are going well. His brother Paul says that everything is fine at their end, and they commiserate a bit about Project Asterix.[1]

Chou talks it out with the rest of Team Kimba before their Sunday tea party. Then she goes to the Grove and has a long talk with Destiny's Wave .[2]

Ayla and Chou have a rehearsal for their tea party. Then Ayla picks up her new face mask from Bunny, and her new adamantium tactical baton from Techwolf. She goes to the sim center to get both of her new toys registered. She has a session with Wunderkind on creating a force field generator she can phase through.[1]

Phase has another great dinner with Vox, at the same time as Chou and Molly's dinner.[1]

That evening, Chou and Molly have another dinner together, this time served by Jade and Jinn.[1][2]

Phase, Vox, Bladedancer, Gateway, Carmilla and Hippolyta watch a badly subtitled japanese movie.[1]

In Boston:The Necromancer continues plotting with Hekate. Vamp relays some of the doctored information to Skyhawk.[1]


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