Jobe discusses the problems with a number of the Bad Seeds, and starts working with Cheese on something that will stick to a frictionless TK skin-field. Then Skinwalker (Scott Harrison), tries to prank him with a shocking pink diary. Jobe, of course, turns the prank around. Later, in the Bio-devisor lab they discover that Belphegor has stolen one of Knick-Knack 's mind-copy systems that he was using for the Bit-Splicer project. It's still got bugs.[1]

Counterpoint attacks again on the way to lunch. He manages to sever Jobe's spine, and Jobe infects him with another nasty that sends him to the clinic. Jobe lets Mindbird talk him into letting "the system" handle the attack. When he finally gets back to Twain, he finds Scott reading from the diary. Scott is not happy when he finds that the diary has been seeded with something quite nasty.[1]


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