Jobe wakes up to discover that the Drow transformation has continued, leaving him with ultra-sensitive skin. He calls home, and they discuss the fact that he hasn't had a backup (in case he has to be cloned) made in a while. Then he tries to bribe Jericho, which doesn't work. Nephandus mentions seeing Belphegor with Phobos, and they decide to raid Belphegor's secret lab.[1]

Jobe, Nephandus and Jericho discover Belphegor's secret lab, and find him just finishing up his Drow clone. Phobos tries to damage Jobe as Jobe tries to stop the travesty. The stolen mind copy device shorts out after copying Belphegor's mind into the clone.[1]

Security breaks into Belphegor's lab, and eventually the whole mess transfers to Administration, in the person of Ms. Hartford ?. After informing both Jobe and Belphegor that they're going to have to incorporate (separately), and Whateley will take a 1% stake in the businesses, she ushers them in to see the Headmistress, Mrs. Carson. The clone is named Belphoebe, age 0 going on 16, with Belphegor as her father and Jobe as her mother. The Headmistress signs the sex change document for Jobe, and then sends Jobe and Belphoebe to a new room in Melville.[1]

A new girl, Misty "Superchick" Cooley, moves in with Jadis "She-Beast" Diabolik, replacing her old roommate, Cutlass.[2]

Belphoebe screams about something, and "Captain Bravo" and his two compatriots, Long John and Hyper try to rescue her. Jobe gives the idiots a chance to field-test his new riot suppression bacterium; then they have to carry Jobe and Belphoebe's stuff into the room. There's a short discussion of a brain mod that Jadis' father, Dr. Diabolik, has stuck into her head.[2][1]

Jadis takes Superchick with her while she does a bit of politicking with Imperious and Majestic (New Olympians, trying to replace the Alphas) and some other groups to give Jobe and Belphoebe some time to settle in and secure the bio-hazards before prank time starts. Then she arranges with Gloriana (Cape Squad) for a shopping trip to Boston to help clean some of the Belphegor imprinting out of Belphoebe's brain and replace it with something a bit more lady-like, or at least more drow-like.[2]

Jobe and Belphoebe have a discussion about how to arrange the room, and Jobe shows Belphoebe the Satan Bug. Belphoebe is not amused that it exists.[1]

Jadis and Superchick come back with a batch of take-out for Jobe and Belphoebe. They discuss a quick femininity course for Belphoebe, and then move Phoebe in with Jadis and Superchick temporarily.[2][1][3]


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