Jobe settles one of the girls in a scene in the girl's bathroom in the morning.[1]

Jobe considers his options and decides to take the exotic biological route: try to get Sara Waite to clean the Drow cells out of his body. He tries to discuss it at lunch, and she gives him the 'talk to the hand', with a genuine talking hand.[2]

After capturing Jobe's AmEx card and agreeing to buy a gene sequencer with it, Jadis takes Belphoebe to a shopping expedition in Boston, accompanied by Gloriana, Dragonrider, Superchick and Hazard.[1]

Jobe calls home and discusses the OmniSqueal 5000 with his parents. He visits Sara and shows her a contract that he's carefully concocted after some internet research on demonic contracts. She scribbles something on it, and then proceeds to remove all the non-Drow cells as well as give Jobe the sexual experience of her life. Then she tells the new Drow what she did: she'll definitely be attracted to men, and she won't be able to pleasure herself, ever. She also shows Jobe what she wrote on the contract. Upside down, it read: "No Way In Hell", in a pretty florid script. Jobe retreats to her room, whimpering. Sara shares part of why she did what she did with Hippolyta.[2]

In Boston: Jadis and companions register at the Mayfair, a posh hotel that caters to the criminal element - as long as they behave themselves. Then they spend the next few hours raiding Victoria's Secret, and have dinner at a posh restaurant. While there, Gloriana tries to claim that there's no real reason why she and Belphoebe are getting all the attention, and Jadis, who knows to a half-centimeter exactly how plain she is, is having none of it. Jadis makes a bet with Gloriana, who loses and agrees to get Pendragon to rush Winter for the Cape Squad.[1]


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