Jobe goes after Scott. After several adventures, Scott turns her down. He picks up Darcy "Sizzle" Dreyer on the bounce, and they spend quite some time bouncing.[1]

At dinner, Peeper and Greasy divulge the news that Jobe is now all girl.[2]

In Boston She-Beast and crew do more shopping, until they hit Scarborough Faire, a place just loaded with Ren-Faire gear. They get jumped by a super-villain named Bedlam, and manage to subdue him (barely) before the Lamplighter shows up. They scatter and get out of town.[3]

Back at Whateley, Jobe, in her desire to recover her lost manhood, creates an artificial penis, named Prickles. Jadis and Belphoebe return, and they discuss several things. Jadis berates Jobe for not using Nephandus as a resource in writing the contract with Sara.[2]


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