Cover for "A Simple Game" by Dr. Bender -- artwork by Dr. Bender himself

A Simple Game is a story by Dr. Bender, released on 2004-10-18. It runs from 2006-09-17 to 2006-09-27. It is the first Carmilla story.



In a framing scene, Tennyo and Jinn observe a new girl being brought to Poe Cottage in the middle of the night.

Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth.Edit

The story proper starts with Michael Waite dying of cancer. He wakes up in the morgue, having changed into a 13 year old goth girl. A security guard shoots her, and she kills him and runs away. She finds that she heals incredibly quickly, and decides to try to live, and names herself Sara.

A child named Gary helps her, and she kills his abusive foster father. They are found by the detective Nathan, but then are chased by people shooting at them, who kill Gary.

Chapter 2: The Covenant of ARC.Edit

Nathan and Sara are helped by Dr. Donna Bell, who takes them to ARC, where the doctors try to figure her out, and decide to send her to Whateley. Sara finds that she wants to sleep with Donna, and the Grey Wizard guesses that her unknown father may have been a lust demon.

Chapter 3: Back to School.Edit

On her first day at Whateley, Sara saves Jade from the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders, freaks out everyone with her way of eating, refuses the Goths, and gets harassed by Peeper. The cheerleaders and the goths work together to sacrifice Sara to a demon, but Team Kimba jumps in to save her, and the demon who shows up turns out to be Sara's father.


The Chessmaster is angry and makes new plans.


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