Dr. Alfred Bellows

Dr. Alfred Bellows is one of the staff psychologists, and also serves as a student counselor. There are undoubtedly other shrinks on staff, but he's the only one that seems to appear in stories. He's definitely an empath of some variety;[1][2][3] he's stated one time that he has a "low-level psychic ability that lets me see something of the stressful moments of your life."[4]

He makes a virtue of his name: he has a large bottle on a shelf that contains a pink powder, reminiscent of the old "I Dream of Jeannie" television show. Jade has used it to manifest Jinn; the first time she didn't get the joke[1], but she saw some episodes prior to the next time.[5]

Dr. Bellows is a friend of Charlie Lodgeman and they made sure he was Tennyo's counselor in order to better ensure her confidentiality was respected.[3] He is also Ayla[2], Chou[6] and Sara's[7] counselor.

As a psychologist, he is well-respected and competent and has knowledge of hypnotism techniques, which he tried to use to help Jade[1] and Ayla[8], who are his patients.

His office is located in Doyle Medical Center along side a number of other offices which together form the Whateley's Mental Health Department[9].


His name has occassionaly been misspelled Ballows, Bellows is canonical for the joke.


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