Angel's name is Mary Goodhope. She is Wallflower's roommate, and one of Jade's first friends at Whateley.[1]


Just like the X-man (who doesn’t exist in this universe) “Angel” has wings. Large, white, angelic wings. She looks the part, too, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a perfect figure. And, if the name didn’t tip you off, yes her father IS the famous televangelist (Reverend Theodore Goodhope, of God’s Hour). Unfortunately for Mary, she is gay. This affects her to such an extent that she is unconsciously “touchy” and affectionate toward nearly any female, while she becomes physically ill when in contact with a male. This is psychic rather than physical, dealing with their inner essence - she has no problem with touching Jade. Much as her father would like to exploit her in some fashion, he has shipped her off to Whateley, until he figures out how to solve her “problem” (and I don’t mean the wings). At the beginning of Fall 2006, her father sent members of his organization Holy GHOST to kidnap and reprogram her, but she was saved by the rest of Poe Cottage. In her personal life, Mary is pretty innocent. She’s kissed a couple of times, but that’s her limit.[1]

She's taking Flight II, and serving as a Teaching Assistant for the early morning section of Flight I.[2]

Her original 2006-2007 roommate was her friend Go-Go, but Wallflower moved in when she arrived. Go-Go may have a single, or may have moved in with someone else.[3]

When Go-Go's great-uncle died, she accompanied Go-Go back to the funeral.[4]



Fall 2006Edit



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