Max ?, possibly Maximillian Carter, if the old wiki is still canon. Codename Ash. He's a Manifestor that lives in Twain Cottage.[1]


A student that is obsessed with the Pokemon series of games and anime.


Ash is an average sized African American, 5'4", 95 lbs., with dark brown skin and eyes that are dark brown with no whites; he has short curly brown hair. He usually wears his costume, a copy of the clothing of Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon Anime.


Ash is a manifestor who fights by throwing fake Pokéballs and manifesting Pokémon; whether he needs to throw the Pokéballs due to a psychological crutch or does so only to conform to his ideal of a Pokémon trainer is unknown. What is known is that his powers are strong but extremely unreliable, as the Pokémon he attempts to manifest may or may not appear and usually act on their own accord, completely disregarding the orders he gives them (he was able to take down Prism in a single shot using a Pikachu, but he got taken down from the same when he tried to use it in a match against Aquerna).


  • Fake Pokéballs[2]



Fall 2006Edit


Ash is obsessed with Pokémon, hence the codename- it's the first name of the protagonist of the eponymous anime.


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