This class, sometimes also referred as Beginner Martial Arts, although not mandatory, is the highly popular alternative choice to Beginner Survival, as the 'Phys Ed' class that all students must take. Its Basic Aikido combined with learning to effectively utilize your powers in a fight. And learning not to rely upon those powers. This is the first course in the martial arts curriculum, you have to take it before any of the other courses.

Teachers and TAsEdit

BMA is taught by Ito-soke and Tolman-sensei, both of whom are considered quite the badass, despite neither having any appreciable physical combat mutations.

Unknown Term pre Fall 2006Edit

Unknown Term pre Winter 2007Edit

Fall Term 2005Edit

Fall Term 2006 PeriodsEdit

According to Ayla, there were a total of four sections of BMA Fall 2006.[5]

Unknown PeriodEdit

Zero PeriodEdit

First PeriodEdit

Fourth PeriodEdit

Fifth PeriodEdit

Sixth PeriodEdit


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