Mrs. Bella[1] Horton[2] is Poe Cottage's house mother.[2]

Mrs. Horton has a very commanding presence. All she has to do to stop mischief in its tracks is to walk up and clear her throat. "Ahem!" is a most feared utterance.[2][3]

She's in charge of the wards around Poe Cottage that keep outsiders from probing the cottage and detecting its secrets.[4] She repairs a fair amount of damage caused by obstreperous students with physical force and magic.[1][5]


To attempt to list all of her appearances would be absurd; she permeates the background of stories concerning Poe Cottage residents. However, some stories simply must be mentioned.

She routs Lt. Reynolds when he harasses the Mystic Six.[6]

Armed with a modified 12 gauge side by side, she kicks in Wallflower's door upon hearing her bloodcurdling screams.[7]

She drafts Lancer to assist Aquerna with her little friends.[8]


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