Beltane's name is Kendall Forbes, but most people call her Belle.[1] She is a manifestor who creates and controls ectoplasm, and is using it to change her body from male to female.[1] Unlike most, she's ecstatic to have MATD.


According to Chaka, Belle is "a svelte 17-year-old girl with sapphire blue eyes and ravenswing black hair pulled back in a high ponytail. Her face was long and angular, with a long straight nose. She might have been harsh looking, if not for a touch of wry humor about the eyes and mouth." Beltane is a junior who lives in Poe and acts as a guide and mentor to all the new TG students of Poe, meaning she introduced Team Kimba to each other on their first day.[1] She manifests and controls ectoplasm, and also uses magic, well enough that she is a TA in the magical arts classes.[2][3] She has a British accent and a strange sense of humor, which generally shows up as pranks on people. Those shown have ranged from a fake door to Tennyo's room[4] to an elaborately set up haunting of a group of Alpha hangers-on that attacked her, ending with them doing a ritual dressed in animal skins on the stage in front of the whole school.[5] She is currently engaged in a prank war with Thorn, a new student who is also an ectoplasm manifestor.[6]

As of Fall 2007 she is in a major prank war with Generator, started by Absinthe.


She was born as a boy in Bristol, UK, but wanted to be female. She was sent to a boy's school, where she discovered she could could control ectoplasm, and used it to haunt the whole school. The Gray Wizard discovered what she was doing and sent her to Whateley. On finding out that disguising herself as a girl would (through MATD) change her into a girl, she started disguising herself as female all the time, and her body has since been changing to match the manifestation.[1]


She teaches Chaka a lesson about relationships.[7]

She totally pwns Farrago, Silver Rose, Talos, and Glissade.[5]


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