Berlin, New Hampshire, is the closest medium sized town to Whateley Academy, being about 15 miles south on state highway 16. [1] Like Dunwich Berlin is used to a certain amount of weirdness, though probably not quite to the same degree. Berlin's economy is still largely based on forestry, but the local chamber of commerce attempts to put it on a wider footing.[2]

Berlin Train StationEdit

Berlin has a train station the size of a decent depot that is one of the stops of the Grand Miskatonic Shuttle. The Grand Miskatonic Shuttle also stops in Dunwich, but apparently the earliest trains in the morning to Boston start in Berlin.[3]

Berlin AirportEdit

Berlin has a small commercial airport with at least one major airline - United Airlines - having a dedicated area and multiple flights a day arriving from Chicago alone, and American Airlines apparently also offering flights from Dallas. While the airport lacks a private first class area it does have both a Starbucks[4] and a private lounge.[5]


  • The MCO has offices in downtown Berlin.[6]
  • Louis Geintz maintains a small office just outside Berlin for consultation with police and international intelligence agencies.[7]


Bio-Regenetics is located in a newly constructed complex within Berlin’s industrial district that from the outside appears to be an unassuming office complex. Construction started on December 1 and had progressed far enough by December 9 that some parts including at least one examination room were already operational.[2]

Food EstablishmentsEdit

Berlin has some excellent Chinese restaurants,[7] at least one steak house,[7] and branches of all major fast food chains[1] including Chuck E Cheese.[8]

Other BusinessesEdit

  • American Multi-Cinema recently opened a 20 screen multiplex by the riverfront.[1]
  • The local junk yard is called Mike’s Auto-Salvage and Pull-A-Part.[9]
  • There is an at least somewhat satisfactory waxing studio.[7]
  • Berlin does not have a Walmart, but there is one in nearby Gorham.[1]


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