Bifrost by ee nalley

Bifrost by E. E. Nalley

Lornze Gottfrey, also spelt Lorenze[1], code name Bifrost, is a member of Team Phoenix.[2]

He is from Sweden and talks English with a noticable accent.[2] He takes the Mystic Arts Program and is in one of Elyzia Grimes' night classes.[3]


In The Widening Gyre, She-Beast confiscates a package that Clover stole from him, and returns it to its rightful owner.[4]


He has a slender athletic build, a long face with a lantern jaw and a cleft chin, jaw length cream corn yellow hair, and icy blue eyes.[2]


He wears a metallic harness, fur shorts, leggings, boots and bracers.[2]


He is a paragon and a fairly decent mage.[2]


Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit


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