Bio-Regenetics is a biotechnology oriented Delaware Corporation founded by Thuban with the main facility located in Berlin, New Hampshire. As of December 2006 the name was in the process of being registered as an international trademark. [1]


After the reversal of Generator's BIT-slicer induced change on November 25 she physically reverted to her earlier state, except that she had gained regeneration-5. After being prodded by an observation by his roommate Carapace, Thuban recognized that the genetic factors responsible for regeneration would be found in the difference between her earlier and her current DNA. To exploit the huge commercial possibilities he anticipated he rushed to found a company before even consulting any of the other involved parties, preferring to present something much more concrete than just the mere idea to them. [2]


Bio-Regenetics is located in a newly constructed complex within Berlin’s industrial district that from the outside appears to be an unassuming office complex. Construction started on December 1 and had progressed far enough by December 9 that some parts including examination room 4 were already operational.[1]



As of December 2006 640,000 shares are allocated:

  • 400,000 Thuban and his familiy - for funding the original BIT-slicer project, founding the corporation and providing $73,000,000 capital.
  • 100,000 Dr. Gellmar - in exchange for his work until December 2010.
  • 25,000 Generator - her DNA being the object of study
  • 25,000 Tennyo - as the original source of the regeneration
  • 25,000 Knick-Knack - for developing the BIT-slicer
  • 25,000 Kew - for developing the BIT-slicer
  • 25,000 Sonex - for developing the BIT-slicer
  • 10,000 Whateley Academy - as required by the school regulations (and in anticipation of all 1,000,000 planned shares being allocated)
  • 5,000 Carapace - for his observation[1]

An additional 360,000 shares were planned to be used to raise further capital or to be awarded in exchange for other contributions to the company, for instance development of and patent rights for medical instrumentation, or consent to be subjected to medical experimentation, bringing the total number of shares to one million.[1]

On January 12, 2007 Phase agreed to supply further venture capital, initially $40mil. The number of shares allocated in exchange, if any, is unknown.[3]


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