Blade Dancing is a story by Poetheather, and was released on 2005-04-07. It runs from 2006-10-09 to 2006-10-12.


Chou is adjusting to Whateley, with help from Team Kimba and Dr. Bellows. Thunderdrake starts his attempts to get Destiny’s Wave. Chou meets Molly, asks her out and explains that she is TG. Bombshell and Sweetheart put together the Young Turks for an attack on Team Kimba, in an attempt to curry favor from the Alphas. Destiny’s Wave says she can help Jade change to female, and Chou starts trying. The Kimbas give Chou the name Bladedancer. The Turks attack Fey and Jade, and hurt Chou and Chaka when they try to help. Molly calls Rythax to help, but the Turks get away before Security arrives.





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