There is some confusion over his name; it is first given as Alex Hale[1], while later it is given as Raphael Hodges[2].


Bloodwolf is an avatar with a werewolf spirit, which makes him look like a combination of teenage boy and wolf, gives him extreme regeneration, and makes him vulnerable to mithril[3], without actually having the Were virus. He leads Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents, and in December 2006 he's Number One on the UltraViolent list[4]. He is a bully, and so far we have seen him attack Jade[1] and Diamondback[5] and try to goad Froggy into fighting.[6] Tansy convinced him to attack Jade as revenge for the Breakfast Brawl, but that attack resulted in Jade and Shroud putting Bloodwolf's friends Killstench and Maggot in the hospital and leaving Bloodwolf pinned to a tree with railroad spikes, with "I attack little girls" written on his chest in scars from Jade's mithril ring.[1] When he and his friends attacked Diamondback, the rest of Outcast Corner helped her out.[5]

Oddly, he is also friends with Jimmy T, a shapeshifter who spends a lot of time fighting bullies.[7] Bloodwolf is protective of other shapeshifters, and has said he will get in fights to protect them, though other times he just likes to fight.[8]


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