Britomart by Drunkfu

Betty Archard, codename Britomart resides in Dickinson Cottage[1] on the Freshman floor[2].

Britomart is a Manifestor who can manifest a "carapace" armor around herself. The problem is that the carapace forms right against her skin, and doesn't dissolve on its own -- Betty has to peel it off when she no longer desires it, pulling every hair off her body in the process. As a result, Betty is totally, full-body bald -- she doesn't even have eyebrows or eyelashes. In regular situations, she wears a pageboy-style wig and false eyelashes, and draws her eyebrows with makeup.[2] Without the carapace, she looks like a cute, freckle-faced blonde; with the carapace, she looks a bit like a Guyver. Her carapace also gives her some jumping ability, and he can manifest a claymore-like sword.[3]

Her family came to visit her for Parents' Day 2006.[4][5]

She's one of the heavy hitters in her Basic Martial Arts section. But she's also a real sweetheart.

She received the Sensei's Achievement award on promotion to Sophomore.[6]


Fall 2006Edit

Spring 2007Edit


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