This page formerly contained information originated from the released 2005 Author's Bible regarding a character named Bronze who was never actually shown in canon. With the appearance of a canon Bronze, that info has been moved to Bronze (deprecated).

Bronze (Melody Havoc) is a member of the Cadet Crusaders, and the child of Dr. Miles Havoc, the investigative scientist, and Gloria Garland, the Disaster Intervention Specialist at International Crisis.[1]

She has a childhood enmity with She-Beast, which at some point apparently involved her stealing Jadis' Fig Newtons during recess at Westchester Montessori -- in second grade. It developed into an all-out rivalry, with both girls wanting to be top dog in every possibly aspect of school life.


Sometime in 2006, Melody's parents were involved in a complicated affair involving the Indonesian government and lost Lemurian artifacts. One of the other parties involved, Mind Priest, kidnapped Melody and used allegedly Lemurian technology on her, with the intent of turning her into some sort of living bronze statue killing machine. Unfortunately for him, Melody retained her mind, and turned on him. This makes her what's called an Origin, or possibly a Batson Factor.

The "lost lemurian tech" somehow gave Melody the ability of turning herself into a bronze-looking form, giving her considerable strength and resiliency -- she can lift 4 tons and stop .50 caliber bullets in her bronze form.

After gaining powers, Melody was enrolled into the Cadet Crusaders to learn better control of her strength. However, her forceful personality often puts her in friction with the current CC leader, Tiger Girl, with Bronze attempting to take command and order the other Crusaders around.


Generation 2Edit

She's still alive.