Bunker-Buster[1] (Andrea Elsner)[2] is a junior member of the Grunts. She's usually called Bunker. She's short, blonde, homely (at least for Whateley standards; outsiders may class her as "cute")[1] and very good with rocket launchers. She'd gotten her codename by once annihilating the entire bunker target system that Erik Mahern and Gunny Bardue had set up on the one of the range simulators.[3] She's also a PDP.

When scheduled for unsupervised night live fire, she and Mule became involved with the Voodoo Wolves,[2] and were brought into Nikki's Wild Bunch as Security Auxiliaries.[4]

She faced Glass in her Combat Final Fall 2006, and was very upset about it: no challenge.[5]


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