The Cadet Crusaders are "a service organization for teenaged paranormals under the auspices of the NYC District Attorney’s office, founded in 1971,"[1] that is supposed to support the police or adult superhero teams, or help during a disaster or other emergency. They are supposedly under the oversight of the NY DA's office, but are mostly ignored.

They aren't well regarded by aspiring young heroes either. The prevalent view is that they are "where the New York DA sticks teen paranormals where they won’t get into too much trouble, hoping that the kids will get sick of it, and go off and do something besides being a superhero."[2]

Their headquarters is a repurposed old National Guard armory on Manhattan's Lower West Side, next to a shipping module yard. It's covered in graffiti and in bad need of repairs, with outdated equipment donated by the Empire City Guard and the Brooklyn Sentinels pushed along the walls.[3]


Previous MembersEdit

Story AppearancesEdit

They show up in Have Yourself an EVIL Little Christmas and get totally outclassed by the Bad Seeds.

They reappear during Saks and Violence.