The Campus Roads are actually one or two lane paved trails. They can support vehicle traffic, but are kept nice enough to generally be only used for foot traffic. The streets throughout the campus are named after United States Presidents and are technically Avenues, with the exception of the main gate road through the center of the historic buildings which is Whateley Boulevard.

Known Campus RoadsEdit

The known Campus Roads are:

  • Washington Ave runs between Schuster and Kane Hall
  • Jefferson Ave links the four historic cottages from Whitman to Twain .
  • Van Buren Ave links Melville and Poe . This road ends into Jackson Ave
  • Jackson Ave runs between just East of the Fountain and round about and Doyle Medical Complex
  • Whateley Boulevard runs between Schuster Hall and the Main Gate. Also called the Main Road

Main Gate Edit

The main gate of campus is of stone, elaborately ornamented, with a bronze plaque bearing the name of the school. Above it are a pair of faceless gargoyles.[1] According to Sara,[2] these are actually nightgaunts.

Exceptional RoadsEdit

The only road on the campus with sidewalks is Jackson Ave and Whateley Boulevard. This is because Jackson Ave links Whateley Blvd with Doyle Medical Complex. As Doyle is the Level 1 Trauma Center for the region, there is frequent Ambulance traffic to the hospital. Students are warned to use the sidewalks at all times and be alert for ambulances. This traffic is the primary reason for Red Flag days. Students with GSD are asked to use the tunnel system or avoid Jackson Avenue during a Red Flag Day.

There are also two ring roads around the campus proper. They're mostly used for maintenance vehicles, and they're not shown on the map.


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