Chris Polk aka Spotlight, born Christopher, is one of the Loose Cannons, a group of teenagers who found themselves on the run after being kidnapped and experimented upon by a mysterious group.


Chris was one of the school's 'guerilla capitalists', the guys who buy and sell stuff like scalped tickets, knockoff fashions and like that. Chris sold a little weed, but he wasn't one of the local pushers. He bought from one of the local pushers, but he didn't sell anything harder than weed. Not a bad guy. Sells good weed.

Chris' mother is Dawn Polk (née Warshawski), a lawyer with the lobbying firm of Starnhalm, Doyle & Lucas, which fronts for various hi-tech R&D firms. Her father is a lobbyist with the California state government.[1]

On March 7, 2007, Chris and eleven other students were removed from Martin Sammish High School in Sacramento, CA under false pretenses and subjected to an experiment intended to create Dynamorphs—in the process turning the kids into Dyna-Hosts and changing the genders of a few of them -- including Chris. Before there was a chance to extract the dynamorphs from the test subjects, however, they managed to escape.[2]


During a broadcast, HeroWatch reporter Danica Hanson informally nicknamed Chris as "Spotlight Girl" as an ad-hoc codename,[3] and Madam Vicious made a shortened version sort of official when Chris and the other Cannons were shanghaied into her Mutant Deathmatches.[4]


After the transformation, Chris became a very beautiful blonde girl, of the well put-together sort that never has "blonde jokes" made about her.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Chris has light-based powers; she can project light in various ways, from a soft glow to a strong, blinding beam. She can also create light "bubbles" able to carry herself or other objects, allowing a form of flight.

The group recovered from their opponents a dynamorph-housing crystal that synchs up with Chris' light-based powers, enhancing them to the point that she can do things similar to the DC comics character Green Lantern.[5]

Chris is good at "reading" people, a skill she learned from her parents.


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