Deadeye (no real name known) is one of the Grunts. He has weird looking eyes which make him a premier sharp-shooter; he's their team sniper.

He was an odd sight for a kid who wanted to be in the infantry. Tall, skinny as a rail and with a shock of blood-red hair, he looked like a goofy basketball player. His eyes were the weird thing. They were a sickening purple color all the way through, with a horizontal slit pupil that looked more box-like than ovoid.[1]

Carmilla gets nasty in the sims; the Grunts lose, badly..[2]

Up against Outcast Corner in the sims.[3]

He holds forth from on top of Poe Cottage during the Voodoo Wolves attack of December 6, 2006, using magnesium rounds and incendiary grenades.[4][5]

He's their top man, according to Jadis.[6]

Jadis negotiated with him when arranging a safe period for Jobe and Belphoebe to settle in at Melville, indicating that he lives there.[6]


Fall 2006Edit


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