Destiny's Wave is a story by Poetheather, telling the origin of Bladedancer. It was released on 2004-12-10. It runs from 2006-06-13 to 2006-10-07.


Alexander Farshine buys a sword at a gun show. It turns out to be the legendary blade Destiny’s Wave, and chooses him as the Handmaid of the Tao, which makes him into a Chinese girl. A demon lord kills her father and tries to kill her, so she takes the sword and runs. The sheriff of a town he passes through directs him to Whateley. She chooses the name Chou Lee, becomes Ayla’s roommate, and saves Jade from a demon.




  • "An old Asian gentleman sat alone at a table that looked empty, but he also thought he saw a couple of things on the table. As Alex moved closer the old man turned and looked at him, smiling broadly."
  • Destiny’s Wave Very much a person of it's own in this story...
  • Alex’s father
  • Two gunmen.
  • The girl at the register
  • A police officer.
  • Lan Caihe Ho One of the Eight Immortals, come from Penglai Shan. Mixed male/female.
  • The Demon Lord of the Hell of Fiery Immersion
  • Edith "An older waitress, looking to be about fifty came up, her eyebrow cocked up at the sight of the sword and the backpack."
  • Sheriff Joshua Tate The Sheriff in Taylor
  • Rob "another officer"
  • He Xiangu One of the immortals. Female.
  • Valerie? "The secretary at the front desk smiled at her."
  • Ms. Elaine Claire in Administration
  • Mrs. Horton
  • Chaka
  • Generator
  • Jinn
  • Fey
  • Tennyo
  • Lancer
  • Carmilla
  • Phase
  • Chris Powers Testing Lab Tech
  • Dr. Hewley
  • Beltane
  • Dr. Bellows
  • Gateway "This one girl kept showing up as she was walking. She was this girl about her own height with mousy brown hair and glasses. Her hair was in two pony tails. Chou thought she looked cute. They both caught each other looking and turned away blushing. When Chou looked back, the girl was gone."
  • A demon in the shape of Jade's father, who wanted Jade because she could open the barrier for it's kin.


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