Theresa Solla, code name Duplex, is a touch-based power mimic.[1]


In her normal form she is a bit over 5 feet tall, has curly light brown hair, eggshell blue eyes, and is fairly attractive. In September 2006 she is fifteen. She's also bisexual and does not hide the fact.[1]


Duplex can copy someone's form with a touch and maintain it for up to one hour. This includes a less potent version of their mutant powers, if any. In addition she can also assume other forms, for example non-existent persons. The exact limitations on this are unknown.[1]


Fall 2006Edit

Together with Jinn Sinclair, who was possessing Tansy Walcutt's sleeping body, she made a sweet lesbian makeout scene, direct-to-DVD.[1]

She tests Wallflower's skills in Basic Martial Arts. She has a green belt, what style is not stated.[2]

Winter 2007Edit

As part of the Power Cats, she's taking Team Tactics.[3]


Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit


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