Mrs. Chulkris

Mrs. Chulkris by Elaborate

Amanda Chulkris, code name Earth Mother, previously Flower Child, is a mage on the faculty of Whateley Academy. She teaches various courses and guest lectures in others. She has an interesting case of GSD—she has vines and flowers growing out of her body.

Now, even at Whateley, Mrs. Chulkris, or ‘Earth Mother’, as she’s sometimes called, gets more than her fair share of second looks. She’s a large, rather heavyset woman with a round merry face, who looks like an ambulatory haystack. And I do mean that. She’s draped all over, from head to foot in vines and leaves and grass and flowers and stuff. And she’s not wearing it, it’s all growing out of her. What she wears under that canopy of green, I dunno, and I ain’t asking. Today, she was in full bloom, with lots of flowers all over the place.
It seems that back in the Sixties, ‘Earth Mother’ was a Counter-culture superheroine called ‘Flower Child’ (‘scuze me while I go get a barf bag), and she has kick-ass vegetation based powers. Somewhere along the line, she picked up a lot of different mystical concepts, and after she retired from the Super Scene, she was tapped to teach the various Magic courses.[1]

Classes taughtEdit


She explains the Wizard Trait to Loophole with Pejuta assisting..[3]


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