Elle Astrid Ruud, born Einar Arvid Ruud, is the Avatar of the Sidhe Queen Aegloswen, of the realm of ice and snow.[1]


White hair with light blue highlights, with slightly large almond shaped aurora colored eyes, and pointed ears, tilted.

Powers and weaknessesEdit

Elle has instinctive magical powers similar to cryokinesis. She is able to sharply reduce the temperature of water in her vicinity at will, turning it into ice or snow. When generating ice and snow, she appears to have a limited ability to direct it, to the point of forming a mini-blizzard. Elle is essentially immune to cold -- the limits of this immunity, if any, have not been established.

She has also displayed the ability to generate strong manifestations of light reminiscent in appearance of the Aurora Borealis. These are strong enough to temporarily blind opponents.

Other than that, Elle has similar attributes to other Sidhe, including a natural aptitude for magic and for gathering Essence, allergic reactions to synthetic fabrics and a weakness to cold iron.