Ms. Grimes

Ms. Grimes by Elaborate

Elyzia/Elysia/Eliza Grimes is the evocation instructor in the Mystic Arts Program[1]. She's an extremely powerful witch, and looks the part. Think Mortica Addams. She's got a familiar, a cat named Merlin. As she puts it, when she looks like she does, she has to get out ahead of it or take a lot of flack. Whether she's a mutant or a baseline wizard isn't currently known.

In Even Murphy's Law has Loopholes, she describes herself as: "Faithful servant of the Earth Mother, Anointed of the Old Ways and Student of Raven".[2]

She is in charge of the Junior High Program. Tansy Walcutt is assigned to her as a Student Assistant in mid January 2007.[3][4] She seems to be responsible for the Three Little Witches in general, particularly dealing with the various problems they cause and punishing them appropriately.[5]

She acts as chaperone for the party of students that goes into Boston for Boston Brawl II. She manages to miss most of the fight.[6]

Classes taughtEdit


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