The Empire City Guard is a superhero organization located in New York City. They've got nine members and one honorary member (as of December 2006). They keep telling Mega-Girl to go home.


The Guard's headquarters is the Emerald Tower, a skyscraper decked out in emerald glass at 43th St with 6th Avenue (just a block from Times Square, and across the street from the Bank of America Tower.)[1]

They've got an airborn vehicle called the "War Wagon".[2]


The guard was formed by Quarterhorse, Tornado, Plus and Minus, together with several other local superheros. It was apparently formed in response to a major threat, and then dealt with a monster in the harbor. They stopped Mimeo and sent him to the just founded Whateley Academy.[3]


Current MembersEdit

Founding Members (no longer active)Edit

Other Former MembersEdit


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