Evolution Rocks! is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek pro-mutant grassroots group. It doesn't seem to have much actual lobbying power.

It has been described as an "extremist" group at the other end of the spectrum to Humanity First!.

More accurately, it is a diffuse and fractious coalition of several groups that have different base agendas, but a shared interest in Mutant Rights, in order to combine and coordinate their efforts. It is mostly a Moderate group with a leftist bent, but some of their members are radicals.[1]

Story AppearancesEdit

Mentioned in Merry's stories, and in the Tales of the MCO. Have a more active presence on the Silver Ghost's stories, starting with Silver Ghost, Golden Angel.

Known membersEdit

Cincinnati chapterEdit


Courtney works for "No Boxcars" a group that works with runaways. She has concerns that "selling" the Silver Ghost as wholesome may be harder than they thought.[1]


Matthew (not Matt) works for the American Privacy Front.[1]


Matt (not Matthew).[1]


Lisa (nicknamed "Leese") is part of the Ohio Civil Rights Union, a rather aggressive Civil Rights advocacy group, and tends to have a rather jaundiced view of most Establishment organizations.[1]


David is also on the Ohio Civil Rights Union. He protested vehemently when CSC, Gifford Mills group, was brought into the ER! umbrella.[1]


Jen works for Take Back Tomorrow®, a Children’s Rights group. She has a plan to get rid of the CSC. She called Rick Standish's producer to tell him about the break-in at the ER! offices, and the involvement of Silver Ghost.[1]

Gifford MillsEdit

Gifford is the putative head of ‘Catalyst for Social Change’, an unapologetic Anarchist group which managed to insert itself into ER!™ As an extremist, he prefers not to improve conditions, but to increase tensions in order to foster a revolution. Therefore, he often works to sabotage the efforts of the more moderate members.[1]

Dagney PalmerEdit

The sort of well-intentioned airheaded "feel-good" type Liberals that give Rush Limbaugh his best ammunition. Easily manipulated by Gifford into Politically Correct but self-sabotaging positions.[1]


His only (pretentious) name. Another well-intentioned airheaded Liberal, also manipulated by Gifford.[1]


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