Exemplar Grace is a class offered during the Winter Term at Whateley Academy. Some students view this course as a 'chick' class.[1]

There is reason to believe the following is pertinent to this class:

“Oh it does,” Poise agreed. “But once you’ve mastered the basics – are you with Ito Sensei right now? – try taking some classes with Lillian Dennon. She has some excellent exercises for grace. Her final exercise was to do an entire combat in high-heels and a skirt while holding a full cup of hot tea! Even worse, I was only allowed to hold onto the saucer! You have to disable your opponent without breaking a heel, marring your makeup, spilling the tea, or being immodest with your skirt. Well, let me tell you, after that even the worst modeling catwalk in the world is a piece of cake.”[2]

Pre Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit

Formal Dress Required
Instructor: Lillian Dennon


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