Feral of Whateley Academy by Drunkfu

Feral, by DrunkFu

Erin Wynguard, code name Feral, is technically one of the New Olympians, but she doesn't hang with them. Instead, she hangs with Sara. She turns up in a number of stories, but her origin story, which is also the New Olympians' origin story, Wild Times, hasn't been officially published yet.[1]

She's 5'6", about 128 lbs, with a slim figure verging on a classic hourglass (34-22-34). Her face is lean and sharp featured with wide set eyes and somewhat pointed ears set a bit higher than normal. She has black hair with reddish highlighes, usually wild and rather unkempt. Her eyes are golden, slit like a cat with a black cornea.

She's a shifter with some level of regeneration. She has a private room in Poe, having gone through three roommates, among them Electrode, as of October 2006.[2] Her habit of leaving by the window to hunt at night, consequently leaving the window open, coming home in the morning leaving a trail of blood behind her is what got her the single - not to mention late night visits by Sara.[3]


Fall 2006Edit


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