Adjustments is the third Fey story by Maggie Finson, and was released on 2004-11-09. It runs from 2006-09-11 to 2006-09-13. It follows from Fey: PMS and Other Problems and is projected to be followed by Fey: Learning Curve.


Disturbed SleepEdit

The The Crystal Wavers come to Whateley in the night to try and get control of Nikki, saying she is 'the Queen to Come.' The rest of Team Kimba helps her out, and the magical backlash of what the Crystal Wavers were trying causes them a lot of problems. Security takes them into custody and charges them with trespassing and various other things, although Nikki asks for clemency, as long as they do not bother her again.

At the ClinicEdit

Nikki's next challenge is Powers Testing , followed by figuring out her schedule.

Meeting the MentorsEdit

She learns that she has two new mentors who have come from England to work with her.

Daddy's Little Girl?Edit

The next day, her father arrives to see her for the first time since she manifested, and he is not happy about her change, especially when Stalwart chooses that moment to propose to her.


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