PMS and Other Problems is the second Fey story by Maggie Finson, and was released on 2004-10-03. It runs from 2006-09-07 to 2006-09-09. It follows Fey: Mom, I Don't Feel So Good and is followed by Fey: Adjustments.


Burnout (of a kind)Edit

The morning after Team Kimba fought ninjas, Nikki feels very sick. She makes it to her classes, but can't pay attention, so when she gets to her first magic class, Beltane gets the teacher, who is also a doctor, to examine her. Dr. Tenant finds that Nikki is so sick because using a lot of magic speeded up her change into a girl, and sends her back to her room until the sickness passes. Team Kimba takes care of her.

PMS and Other ThingsEdit

When Nikki has changed the rest of the way into a girl, she feels better, but then her first case of PMS causes a great deal of excitement and mess for everyone around her, in the infamous "thunderstorms in the hallways" incident. Tennyo then takes her aside to give her a crash course in dealing with periods.


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