Dr. Filbert R. Z. Quintain, M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.S., is one of the foremost specialists in the field of mutant powers. He teaches the Introduction to Superpowers (a.k.a. "Powers Theory") course at Whateley Academy[1], and is also the author of the textbook Introduction to the Modern Theory of Mutant Powers[2], while doing further research on the subject.[3]


Dr. Quintain is not a particularly good or motivated teacher, being known for his monotonous droning voice[1] and for quoting his own books verbatim.[4] As a researcher, however, he's a highly motivated and active person.[5][4][3][6]


Developed 1-7 scale for ranking Esper talents, used and admired by Powers Testing wonks throughout the world.[7]

Classes taughtEdit


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