The pin of the FSA

The Future Superheroes of America (usually referred to by their nickname, "Cape Squad") are almost what they sound like: they're headed for careers as superheros. However, they aren't all American.


Class of 1986Edit

Class of 2006Edit


Class of 2007Edit

  • Gloriana[5] - Guinevere to Pendragon (except that she actually loves him).
  • Mr. Mystic[1] - Merlin / sidekick to Pendragon (except he's actually a PDP, not a mage)
  • Pendragon[5] - Leader. Golden sword & shield, King Arthur motif

Class of 2008Edit

  • Boudacia[5] - Exemplar 6. She is into Celtic History and is a big feminist. Constantly trying to improve herself.
  • Hippolyta[5]
  • Powerhouse[6]
  • Saladin[5] - Exemplar 6. Iraqi born super from Tikrit. Devout Muslim and also secretly gay. Wants to go back to the Middle East and try to fix things.

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit

  • Spooky[9]
  • Stronghold (pledged to the FSA and will be rushed in the Spring recruitment drive. Now considered an honorary member.) [10]


Symbol and pinEdit

The FSA pin is their symbol. A Federal eagle looking right with a shield for a body, wings spread clutching 13 arrows and an olive branch in each talon. The shield is embossed with 13 red and white stripes (6 Red 7 White) vertical on the shield. The upper third of the shield is blue with white letters embossed FSA.

Combat TeamEdit

  • Future Superheroes of America Senior team[12]


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