Gabriel is a Whateley student, part of the 2006 batch of freshmen. He lives at Poe Cottage.

He has a psychokinetic power similar to Mega-Girl’s, in that he can form a ‘shell’ around himself. While covered by the shell, he is very strong, resists damage, can fly and has certain energy wielding abilities.

His big problem is that in manifesting his mutation, he is in conflict with his strict Christian upbringing, and this is affecting the way that his power manifests. His power currently must manifest through a filter created by one of two facets of his personality - the Id and the Super-Ego. The Id manifestation creates a template of a ‘Fallen Angel’, a dark, sinister, and yet very fun-loving, free-wheeling and sexy ‘Dark Angel’. His Super-Ego, naturally manifests a template of a stock, pious, conscientious, stuffy, prim, repressive and boring Da Vinci-esque ‘Bright Angel’.

It should be remembered that the Id manifestation isn’t Evil, just irresponsible. In his ‘Bright Angel’ form, Gabe is tortured by any thoughts of carnality whatsoever; in his ‘Dark Angel’ persona, he’ll screw anything that moves. Currently, he can’t control which aspect will manifest when he changes.

Out of manifestation, as a normal 15-year old boy, he’s bisexual, with real problems coming to grips with his attraction to the same sex.

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