Gabriella Guzman is a major contributor to Whateley Academy. Originally of Mexican peon stock, she came to Whateley on a scholarship. She parlayed what appears to be some kind of esper talent (possibly prognostication or probability warping) into major real estate and business holdings in Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. The Goodkinds use that as an example of misuse of mutant powers.[1]

She contributed a metric ton of 16K gold to the Homer Gallery, where it's shown to all incoming students at the same time they see Lord Paramount's portrait.[1] Her short biographical plaque mentions that she joined the Alphas in her senior year.[2]

She sponsors Heyoka, which shields her from a lot of the nastiness caused by the feud between Amelia Hartford and Totem, who is Heyoka's advisor.[2]

She probably funded the spur from Poe Cottage to the main tunnel between Hawthorne Cottage and the main campus.[3]


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