Gotterdammerung (Adriane Reichs) is a closet transvestite. His power is to destroy things. Totally. It's all or nothing, which means that, for most purposes, he's pretty defenseless.[1]

It did, however, come in handy at Halloween. He and Sunshine had come gender-swapped, so he was a princess, but when the attack began, he wasn't affected by the sonic device. Getting Sunshine to safety he took out two Chessmen, then went back and took out more, so others could escape, like his roommate, Anvil. Given the circumstances, he had a more positive reaction from others when they realized he was crossdressing than he had expected; being saved can do that for someone.[2][1]

By early March, we learn he has been often attending classes cross-dressed.[3]



Fall 2006Edit

  • (Some class that requires papers) First Period[1]
  • Powers Theory If he's taking Powers Lab, gotta be taking Powers Theory, right?
  • Powers Lab Sixth Period[1]


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