This is a major organization of Black Mages. It was created early in the 20th century. There are a number of chapters scattered around the world.

Chicago ChapterEdit

A pit, in comparison to New York's chapter.

London ChapterEdit

Had a vampire as concierge, who only lasted four-five years, the second longest tenure, after Randall.

New York ChapterEdit

Whether or not the New York Chapter is the biggest chapter of the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom, it's definitely got some heavy hitters associated with it. It is a motley collection of powerful Black Mages. The hall itself is definitely grand, even lavish.

It is not, however, in one piece. It consists of 36 pieces that are scattered throughout New York City and surrounding territory. This helps keep real estate prices down, and also confuses scrying spells from people trying to find out where it is.


  • Pierce Randall, the Concierge, who's been there nine years in December 2006.
  • unnamed female receptionist

Utility Mercenary

Mages, in residence or otherwise:

Savannah ChapterEdit

A pit, in comparison to New York's chapter.

Story AppearancesEdit

A major part of Seraphim's first story, There's an Angel in Father John's Basement. The Widening Gyre is partly set there. Also mentioned in A Wellspring of Sorrows and Silver Linings.

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