Gypsy (no real name known) is a diviner who is bound to Carmilla due to Mrs. Chulkris not thinking through the consequences of a class demonstration.[1] She doesn't mind being bound to Sara, she bargained for her confidence, and feels its a fair deal.

She usually dresses the part. She works a psychic advice line for $9.95 an hour, mainly as an advisor to the love-lorn on campus. She also does divination using a Tarot deck, which Carmilla uses to figure out when to extract Cyberkitty from ARC.[2] She attempted to help Nikki (off-camera) in choosing her agent by doing a prediction, but the results were unclear.[3]


Gypsy had become more like her namesake in the past few weeks, vibrant and truly alive. Her hair was slightly windswept, though it framed her face neatly before flaring over her shoulders and down her back. Bright brown eyes sparkled under jet-black eyebrows that had been artfully trimmed to sharpen the edges of them. Gone were her baggy sweat tops, instead she wore a black dancers leotard and a swirling tie-died broom skirt.[2]


Fall 2006Edit


  • Carmilla - Soul Bound
  • Uncle Paul, who has has an operable tumor he doesn't want his sister, Gypsy's mom, to know about.[2]
  • Mother - Pesters Gypsy.[2]


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