Hakim Al-Feyez

Hakim Al-Fayez

Hakim Al-Fayez by Elaborate

Dr. Hakim Al-Feyez is the Whateley Mystic Arts Program's resident expert in Alchemy.[1] He received his doctorate at an obscure Muslim Seminary in Egypt.[2]


He is a stout bearded late-middle aged man of Levantine cast and usually wears lots of tweed with a fez.[3]


The number of probability warpers who'd be in close proximity led to his deciding to stay off-campus for Halloween.[4][5]

He has strong beliefs about the relationship between Alchemy and Devisors, to wit, Devisors are Alchemists, ones who conceal their workings within trappings of technology. Obtaining cooperation in investigating this is more difficult.[1]

He had great hopes for the first meeting of Silver, Eldritch, and Seraphim; sadly, nothing of great mystic import came of their first contact.[3]


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