Occasionally known by the terminally crass as the ‘Freak House’. Hawthorne is specially built to meet the needs of ‘extreme cases’- Bricks who can’t control their strength, Ultra-Heavy types, extremely trigger-happy blasters, human torches who can’t turn it off, ‘loud’ projective telepaths and so on. By necessity, Hawthorne is co-ed. A tunnel leads from Hawthorne to the main school building, Schuster Hall, for use on red flag days. There's a spur from this tunnel to Poe, added after the Halloween invasion in 2006. There is a second tunnel that leads directly to the Doyle Clinic for use by EMT teams.

Due to space considerations, Hawthorne only houses 85 students. Almost all of the rooms in Hawthorne are singles, for obvious medical and safety reasons. Many of them are equipped for teleconferencing so that students can attend classes from their rooms. Ayla made a suggestion in late 2006 to equip them for internal teleconferences as well[1]: some of the students (her cousin Puppet especially) can't leave their rooms, and entering those rooms is hazardous. Whether that has been done hasn't been explicitly stated to have taken place, but following the donations from Phase and Willard Jennings, both Poe and Hawthorne have been expanded in a commensurate manner as per the start of the 2007 year.[2]

Hawthorne has four basement levels. The first basement level houses Fubar's tank. After Halloween 2006 the door to the Lovecraft Room also shows up there, although it migrates back to Poe occasionally. After Thanksgiving 2006 Paige Donner's room is there as well. Eldritch moved into a room in the basement in mid December 2006.

Other basement levels house numerous rooms. The Outcasts have taken one over for their music.

Some of the bathrooms are really scary. The fourth basement bathroom apparently has Nameless Abominations dwelling in it.[3]

House mother:

Cottage Fixer:

List of Students: Hawthorne Students


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